1 Second Everyday - My Life at 26

The time has come for a new 1 Second Everyday video.


Don’t you get bored of making this? No, I really love the final result and making a video everyday has become some sort of a habbit.

Don’t you ever forget to make a video for the day? To be honest, there were a couple of uneventful but quite busy days when I just didn’t find the time to make a video. That’s why I made one on the next day, doing something that I had done the previous day (commuting, making a cup of tea, etc.)

Where do you find motivation/ideas? While there are days so full of events that I find it hard to choose one video only, there are also pretty dull days. And that’s okay - just make a video of something trivial. Someone you meet, something you cook or eat, something beautiful - it doesn’t matter as long as it makes you smile.

How did you add music? After compiling the final video in the app, you can use any video editing program. I used Adobe Premiere Pro.

Will you continue making this? Absolutely - in fact, another one is in progress.



Thanks to my SO and all of you who are in this video :)

1 Second Everyday - My Life at 26 from M on Vimeo.

Note: The video will be public for a few days only. If you want to see it after that, just ask.