1 Second Everyday - My Life at 25

On my last birthday I decided to start a 1 Second Everyday project - a video composed of 1 second videos taken every day for a year. This became some sort of a visual diary capturing random moments of my life at 25.

The app

The 1SE application has a really nice interface and does what it is supposed to do - clip and store your videos on a timeline. It comes with nice additions like reminders and backup.

Note: in the current version 2.5.4 for Android there is a problem with the clipping and compiling with some devices which can be fixed by turning off the Hardware compile option in the Settings.


Big thanks to my SO who gave me interesting ideas, did the video compressing and added some cool music to the final video. Also, thanks to all of you who are in this video ^^

1 Second Everyday - My Life at 25 from M on Vimeo.

The video will be public for a few days only. If you want to see it after that, just ask :)